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In Loving Memory of Diane Wiltshire

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Before you watch this video, I would like to write a message about Diane.

Only a few weeks after recording this interview, Diane sadly passed away. I was honoured to have been able to speak with her before she was admitted to hospital and hearing all the wonderful things she had to say about Safe With Sound was incredibly heartwarming and made me very proud.

Last night, I received a call from her daughter Haz explaining what had happened. I was heartbroken but Haz assured me that she wanted me to know how grateful she was for Safe With Sound and how it made her feel included.

In the last few months of her life, despite a pandemic and despite ill health, Diane got to experience live music and enjoy every second. She said she felt included and it made her very happy.

That is exactly what Safe With Sound is about.

It was such a pleasure to talk with Diane and I send an abundance of love, hugs and warm wishes to her family during this difficult time. I hope this video interview can bring them some peace and happiness too!

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